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    Kendall & Kiley Jenner, Mexico Marie Claire March issue wearing 2 mixed & matched pairs of Jared Jamin earrings.

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    ENVY Magazine Photographer Benjo Arwas, Stylist Jen Summers

Designer Jewelry by Jared Jamin

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At age 19, Jared Jamin moved to LA to pursue his career in fashion design. Creating jewelry, initially part-time, gradually built into a successful full time business requiring multiple sales channels including: 

International Website Sales and Boutique Sales in the following locations: Harari Boutique in Beverly Hills, Stylehaüs at The Grove Los Angeles, Penny Lane in Los Alamos Heights, San Antonio; Art & Eyes in New Orleans; Rancho Santa Fe Estate and Fine Jewelry in Rancho Santa Fe, CA; and Orphic Boutique on the Sunset Strip 

Jared offers a sophisticated confidence for a lifestyle he enjoys as well as his clientele which includes celebrities, models, and all those that want to feel stunning and beautiful. 

He sincerely hopes to add you to this ever expanding list!

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