SWOON Magazine features SEIZE THE GARMENT (STG) Necklace

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Model jumps for JOY wearing STG's Soho Chic Necklace
Model jumps for JOY wearing STG's Soho Chic Necklace

Dear Readers, Check out a preview image to appear in the January issue of the quarterly SWOON Magazine. Needless to say we're swooning ourselves over our Soho Chic necklace and matching bracelet being featured in this editorial. More to come. Shop the look here. Swoon is a NY/LA-based independent music, fashion and philosophy media project. Swoon emerged as a local, independent New York-based fashion/photography magazine that’s grown to encompass music, philosophy, art and culture—beaming our transmissions from the cultural epicenters of the nation -- New York and LA. Our bi-coastal perspective embraces the American undergound—our cultural hometowns of NY, LA, Detroit, Chicago, New Orleans and small oases everywhere, to Europe and beyond! Our mission is to feature insightful writing on music, art and culture alongside luminous fashion photography. Swoon provides an alternative to the slew of typical fashion rags by reclaiming fashion as an artistic expression. P.S. As you can see Kitty 'borrowed' the same bracelet used in the SWOON editorial shoot in his wine drinking documentary...

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