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Christopher Kane, Shoes by Acme , Rodrigo Otazu together with Seize The Garment (STG)

Dear Readers, Peacock Loop, a necklace by SEIZE THE GARMENT is featured in the November issue of ROUGE MAGAZINE. Peacock Loop is perfect here doubled about the model's neck particularly complementing Kane's Dress with its halter top in jewel tones. The necklace has lots of crystals that bring out flashes of that same tone in the Peacock Loop itself. For a closer look using our magnifying glass or loupe here. Its nice to have such a playful piece such as SEIZE THE GARMENT featured along with Christopher Kane's Dress, Rodrigo Otazu's bracelet and Acme's shoes in such a fantastically moody editorial. Rogue Magazine and its online version ( are designed to be reflections and celebrations of modern Philippine life and culture. Balancing image and intellect, Rogue tells stories with energy, insight, style, and humor. It aims to maintain a strong literary tradition by featuring thoughtful essays, sharp prose, revealing profiles, and in-depth investigative articles written by the finest writers, accompanied by the country’s top visual artists. Shop the look here.

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