Anglotopia features SEIZE THE GARMENT (STG) in Tehmina Sunny Interview Shoot by Jane Parker

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Photo by: Russ Elloway Multi-strand beaded necklace: SEIZE THE GARMENT www.seizethegarment.comCreme tiered gown: PLEIN SUD

Dear Readers, We are pleased to let you know that the necklace 'Necking With Klimt' was chosen by Actress and TV Producer Tehmina Sunny of Children of Men and Writer's Block fame for her Anglotopia interview & shoot. Tehmina talks about her upcoming role in Argo in which she co-stars as a foil to Ben Affleck with Jane Parker. Tehmina's Indian complexion richly complements the overall dusk-like tones of the necklace itself, which is an homage to the great Dutch painter's famous painting entitled 'The Kiss'. The STG necklace like the painting dissolves into a shimmering, extravagant flat patterning. Tehmina also stars as Sonubai in Singularity releasing early next year along with Elevator which is also circuiting the film festivals. Interviewer Jane Parker is a British journalist living in Los Angeles. Working in the entertainment sector, she has a wide range of British celebrity contacts and brings you up-to-date stories on Shop the look here.  

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