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Dear Readers, We are pleased to let you know that samples by "SEIZE THE GARMENT" (STG) have been shot for the editorial Shimmering Lights for the Winter issue of BEVERLY HILLS LIFESTYLE.

Helen Hunt: Sophisticated simplicity

Prepare for the journey. BHL brings you the hottest trends in fashion, spas, resorts, restaurants, events, autos, and jewelry. If “super high-end” shopping, dining, vacationing and healthy living appeals to you, then welcome to the Beverly Hills Lifestyle. Its often the simpler concepts from which much energy and pizazz erupt and so is the case in Photographer Sean Armenta's Winter Issue Editorial titled Shimmering Lights for Beverly Hills Lifestyle. Perfect-puller Stylist Holly Copeland works the kaleidoscopic color palette with the thoughtful selection of STG's Soho Chic and Galaxy Velvet mingling accessories from new and known designers like Dannijo, Giuseppe Zanotti and The Passionate Collector and American Apparel. Makeup Artist Mathias Alan, using skin 2 skin care and Senna Cosmetics contributes to the ethereal feel of the looks by tying the complexion of Model Allo of Phogenics to her marvelous hair done by Mitzi Gip. The conductor of this symphony, Art Director Jamie Breuer pulls off major music against this casual yet high concept for readers. Who says glamour photography had fallen out of fashion? Hip hip Hurrell! Shop the look here and here.

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