Jared Jamin accessorizes Western Costume Company's 100th Anniversary Gala Finale Pageant as Celebrated by the LACMA Costume Council

April 04, 2018

Jared Jamin accessorizes Western Costume Company's 100th Anniversary Gala Finale Pageant as Celebrated by the LACMA Costume Council

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(updated 4/4/2018)

The LACMA Costume Council for its Gala Finale program on June 20, celebrated the 100th Anniversary of Western Costume Company. The highlight of the evening was the pageant, the first by Western Costume Company, featuring forty-two costumes of Hollywood’s most iconic films, including original, memorable costumes from Titanic, Chicago, and The Artist which among another eight were accessorized by JARED JAMIN (see photos below). In attendance were costume designers Ellen Mirojnick (Liberace, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, Basic Instinct) and Carol Ramsey (Surviving Picasso, Meet the Fockers, Mr. & Mrs. Bridge, Magic City) along with Julie Weiss, Mary Zophres, Janie Bryant, Deborah Hopper who has done the costumes for many of Clint Eastwood’s films; and Mary Zophres, who has worked costumes on the Coen brothers’ films and costume supervisor Jim Tyson (Mission Impossible—Ghost Protocol, Thor, Top Gun) who reveled in the panel discussion and pageant in the Bing Theater - all who finally took to the festive red carpet cocktail party on the LA Times Central Court for approximately 600 other guests. Also seen donning JARED JAMIN's creations were Jo-Ann Hilton (also accessorized with pal Mr. Jason Wanamaker), and actresses Nikki SooHoo and Marcela Hyasu along with costume designer and stylist Bobbie Mannix and Western's Head of Research, Bobi Garland.

"My partner Carlo and I were so happy that Bobbie Mannix, the Gala Finale's Fashion Show's stylist and Bobbie Garland, Western Costume Company's Researcher so appreciated the quality of our jewelry accessories, and their inclusion in the Gala's Pageant is a personal honor," says Los Angeles based 24 year-old designer Jared Jamin.

Western displayed costumes from bygone eras to modern day: From left, the '30s, the Roaring '20s, contemporary, the '80s and the Swinging '60s. The period jewelry was provided by Seize The Garment, now JARED JAMIN.

"I'm so impressed that Jared who is self taught, and not even a quarter of a century old - has developed a level of jewelry craftsmanship able to complement a pageant featuring a look for each of 10 decades of Hollywood's best costume design.", stated business partner, Carlo Capomazza.

Other eras represented in Western Costume's 100-Year fashion show included style from (left to right) the sleek '70s, the big-skirted '50s, the bustling 1890s, the '40s, and the broad-shouldered pantsuit popular in the 1990s.

Again, period accessories and jewelry were provided by JARED JAMIN. (Note: JARED JAMIN was formerly Seize The Garment.)

(Below: Left to right) Costume Designer & Stylist Bobbie Mannix, Accessories Designer Jared Jamin & Western Costume Company's Bobi Garland collaborate on what accessories go with which costumes for the LACMA gala's pageant. 

Seize The Garment by Jared Jamin (Now JARED JAMIN) designs gemstone & precious handcrafted one-of-a-kind, Fashion jewelry accessories, inspired by rescued vintage pieces here in Los Angeles. Rentals, fabrications and pulls-for-credit occur regularly out of his West Hollywood design studio. (See: Virtual Studio tour)

The LACMA Costume Council's mission is to expand public awareness of fashion, design, costume and textiles as art — something it achieves through events including curator-led tours of special exhibitions, studio visits with notable designers, lectures by prominent scholars, red carpet film premieres, cocktail receptions, book signings with influential authors, behind-the-scenes previews and pageants or fashion shows. Recent programs with Chanel, Vivienne Westwood, Cirque du Soleil and Judith Leiber have garnered press coverage across the globe.

LACMA was founded in 1965 and has since been dedicated to building an encyclopedic collection of art that represents the diverse and unique population of Los Angeles. 

  For general information on their ongoing events kindly go to www.costumecouncil.org.

  Also be sure to check out The Los Angeles Times Living Section's wonderful video highlighting Western   Costume Company's contributions here and in this slideshow, here.


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