16MM Smooth Ball Earring Charms

JAREDJAMIN Jewelry Online

$56.00 USD

Adding Earring Pendant Charms is like getting a second Pair of Earrings!

Slip any of these onto any Hoops in our Hooptastic Earring Collection or our Kahlo Click-Top Hoop Earring Collection or our Bernini Hoop Earring Collection. Try a hoop in either the same Plating or maybe in a daring White Bronze Plate for a Silvery contrast?

All of our Smooth 16mm Ball 18K Gold Plated Charms are Sold Separately (some buy a different one for each ear for asymmetricality).

So Mix-&-Match our collectible Pendant Charms of Crystal Quartz, Onyx, Jasper (Blue), White Stone & Smoky Quartz.

* Earring photos show Earring Pendant Charm styling examples.


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