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General FAQs

Short answer: soap suds.

DO NOT USE Ammonia, toothpaste, nor any kind of Polish nor Abrasive brush.

Protect the E-Coat and your purchase will last & last.

*Reminder - Put on your jewelry AFTER using hairspray, lotions or perfumes, etc.

More: Our plated jewelry has a clear E-Coat which adds longevity, durability and luster to their surfaces. Soap suds from handwashing are best to recharge your jewelry piece's original luster even if the e-coating wears away over time. *Protect the plate - your last layer of defense, because when its gone the brass is exposed which tarnishes. It's a layering game.

Yes, each jewelry piece is worked on by Jared Jamin himself. Only Precious Metal Plating and E-coating are done off-site as it both require the plated jewelry being placed in a series of hot baths with electricity.

In 2021 we hired one product photographer to master & consistently deliver the most realistic photographic representations of our plated jewelry designs. His work is featured on this page and his is the ONLY photography in NEW ARRIVALS.

Even better is to try our jewelry on in-person at stores carrying our Jewelry or to rely on our generous Return Policy. 

Product FAQs

All our jewelry and accessories are made in our West Hollywood, CA design studio. Those requiring plating are done off-site due to the high temperatures, electricity and tanks required to do so.

To request a repair please email JaredJamin at gmail com Subject "REPAIR" and be sure to include your name (not just your email), telephone number, original Order Confirmation Number of your order which serves as your receipt, and a brief description of the problem. We will respond with instructions on how to proceed within 48 hours ex​empting​ Weekends & Holidays.

For items purchased within forty-five days (45), repairs are free of charge. If your purchase through us directly is older than forty-five days (45) you will be charged a $45 base price for the repair which may be subject to additional repair and or re​-​plating costs​ which will be determined after receiving the piece at our design studio. All repairs are subject to shipping charges and tax.​

All repairs are subject to shipping charges and tax by the purchaser.

For items bought through one of our retailers, please return the damaged item to the store where it was purchased. We defer to each retailer’s return policy in this case. 

Finding the right necklace length can be frustrating, especially if you
love a particular chain but can only wear it with certain necklines or
pendants. Adjustable necklaces are the perfect solution and can help make a more versatile jewelry collection.

JAREDJAMIN offers two:

One, the classic chain with extender rings aka jump rings located at approx the 18”, 20”, and 22” points for varying lengths. We hand solder the required 2 inch chain pieces to attached to the jump rings at each length point.

Two, is a regular necklace chain with an attached 2-4 inch piece of a
larger link chain.  This allows for more size options than the first, as
often this type can be adjusted to any length between moving in bewteen the chain links in a range typically of 18 to 22 inches.  

It's because our Silver Jewelry is Plated with white bronze. White bronze is a durable metal and shines like polished sterling silver or white gold. It’s highly reflective, hypoallergenic (aka nickel-free), and holds the distinction of resembling one of the most expensive precious metals in the world, white rhodium which incidentally is about 3x more expensive than Gold.

So basically, white bronze is not actually bronze. It is an alloy consisting of a combination of copper, tin and zinc. Tri-metal alloys are white in color, similar to bright nickel, silver or rhodium and are extremely resistant to tarnish and corrosion. The alloy range is centered around 55% copper, 30% tin and 15% zinc.

So, unlike Silver, white bronze will not easily tarnish, corrode nor breakdown.

And remember, we clear E-coat all our plated pieces, giving them a beautiful protective clear gloss too.

Our jewelry is NOT toned aka 'painted'.

We electroplate our copper and brass designs with a micron (1 µ) thick of either 18K Gold (in an acid gold bath), or Silver (white bronze) plate that yields our signature Silver-look.

Our plating won't wear off in the foreseeable future and if it did then discoloration or tarnishing would occur though slowly as the small ratio of copper in the base alloy would do so.

On top of the above, all of our plated jewelry is clear E-coated for durability and added luster or gloss.

* Preserve your E-coating and plating with ONLY Soap & Water cleaning!

Our E-coat is a shield like a clear coat on one's fingernails after a manicure. Its' an added clear barrier to keep your jewelry lusty, polished and shinning by offering durability and preservation of the plating.

Note: If our jewelry was not E-coated, then it still would not tarnish because our 18K Gold plating is done with an acid gold bath and our Silver (white bronze) is electroplated.

Only if the plating wears off would the alloy below which consists of some copper then, and only then have discoloration or tarnishing.

All of JAREDJAMIN plated jewelry has a clear E-coat to protect the 18K gold or Silver (white bronze) plating.

Yes. For every two pieces of JAREDJAMIN jewelry you buy from us online, we'll then attempt to re-plate one of your personal or legacy pieces of jewelry to match your new purchase with us.

Please send us photos to jaredjamin at gmail dot com first of what you intend to send for careful evaluation if you wish to take advantage of this offer.

This offer does not include repairs nor does it cover your shipping fees to us.

Replating is a way we help fight for our environment by bringing back or refreshing what was less regarded from the past and giving it a bright, fresh, new future in our signature plates.

Receiving My Jewelry FAQs

Typically, once payment is made we ship out in 2-3 business days if the jewelry is in stock.

When Pre-Ordering you can expect your jewelry to arrive within 14 business days because we need to custom make another limited supply. 

We'll work with you via FaceTime to pick out wrapping and can also text or email as required. Make sure in your checkout to select 'Gift Wrapping' before making your purchase.

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