GEOLOGY NOTE: Agate, a Gemstone Bead JARED JAMIN designs into his Beautiful Jewelry

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JARED JAMIN selects the Agate gemstone beads you'll see in this search of his unusual jewelry which is sold as luxury fashion jewelry on his site and with his stockists all over the country. Please read on about the exciting properties of this gemstone which has been a touchstone for jewelry designers as far back as the Neolithic period.

Healing Attributes of Agate

Agates are earth stones opposed to the other elements of air, fire and water. Overall, agates are gentle, nourishing, and strengthening, with a lower intensity and a more qualified persistence than many other gemstones. Individual types of agate have their own personal healing properties. Reach out to us for more details if you have questions about the Agate we have incorporated in our designs. 

Agate as a Gemstone


Agate is a family name for a number of varieties of banded chalcedony. Agate occurs in many colors that range from translucent to opaque. Agates are found all over the world. Some agates are geodes, which means they are hollow in the middle, often with crystals inside.

Agates come to be in many different types of rock, and through many different processes. As such, their hardness can vary greatly, but is generally somewhere between a six and an eight on the Mohs scale. Agate is a member of the quartz family of stones, and often you will find agates with bands of quartz and chalcedony layered throughout. Agates are found primarily in Africa, Asia, Brazil, Egypt, Germany, England, India, Italy, Mexico, Nepal, Canada, and the United States. Agates are most often found rounded.

Agates have been used by humans dating back to the Neolithic period, and were used by early Egyptians and in ancient India.

Why JARED JAMIN uses Agate in Jewelry

Agates are for the most part quite durable stones. They can be dyed different colors, sliced exceptionally thin, and aside from doing a real number on your blades because they’re so hard, are quite nice to work with in jewelry. Agates provide unlimited options to work with because of the sheer number of types of agates there are in the world. Pricewise, some agates (like the Fire Agate for example) can end up being quite pricey for a good quality piece.

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