Everyone’s Jelly Of JARED JAMIN Jewellery by Matthew Kolas for SPY.com

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From his discreet apartment in West Hollywood, Jared Jamin quietly crafts beautiful jewelry that is the best kept secret of the jet set. When I arrive to our appointment, he kindly offers me a glass of water, much appreciated during yet another Los Angeles heat wave that has made an October afternoon feel more like the dog days of summer. 
We quickly get down to business as he trots out some of his favorite new releases. The Cocktail Clappers Bangles ($600) features hand embroidered encrustations with a gorgeous mix of multi-beads, crystals, and chain embellishments. “I love making jewelry,” he tells me with peaceful delight, “because it’s something the customer can buy today and love forever.”
Women who wear his jewelry include Hollywood stars, the wealthy elite, and even some royalty. “These ladies have all the fine jewelry they could ever want, and while stars wear our statement jewelry on the Red Carpet, they often acquire it via their stylists,” he tells me, while I peruse his upcoming line of earrings. Famous tastemakers Lady Gaga and Carly Rae Jepsen wear his pieces in their music videos. Most notably, Demi Lovato wears his chain and agate necklace in “Frozen.”
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Spy.com can’t tell you all of his famous clientele, but suffice it to say the list includes style icons who would make you blush. One need not visit among the exclusive boutiques that carry his line. His entire selection is available online. If you see something you like, you’d be best to buy it right away. His one-of-a-kind, limited edition creative approach means you won’t see the same piece twice.


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